ewelPiX is a story about friendship, a union of ideas and the fusion of two souls.
In fact, if we had to define JewelPix we would rightly say that it is the perfect amalgamation of two passions, Gianpiero’s for technology and Michele’s for jewels.

The idea for JewelPix came simply, during a Sunday lunch chat in which two old friends exchanged ideas and oddities about the world around them. Over a couple of glasses of Prosecco Michele showed Gianpiero his latest creations, rings and charms with the Apple logo. Gianpiero, who was one of the first to register with Instagram and is still one of the most followed influencers, told Michele, “Instead of the Apple symbol why don’t we use Instagram photos?”

So JewelPix was born, at the same time simple and fascinating, just like a glass of good wine.

Once the spark was struck we immediately got to work with many choices to make; the type of jewels, the materials, the method of production, defining a clear identity, the name and logo, the promotion and many other matters.

Gianpiero Riva e Michele Marzotto
Test di produzione, anelli e bozze

The first choice was that of the name. At first Jewelgram seemed the right mix of “jewel” and “Instagram” but over time we decided that linking the name to Instagram would have limited the chance to give everybody a tool for transforming their photos into necklaces, so for this reason the name became JewelPiX..

Gianpiero put to good use all his knowledge of the web by studying promotion strategies and setting up the first online store. Michele took advantage of his design and jewellery production skills to bring to life the first prototypes using plastic and also precious materials.

The first thing was to plan lines and forms that characterized the necklaces in a distinct way by giving them form and details that are typical of fine jewellery. Together with the current suppliers we studied advanced methods of production and researched materials to reach the choice of a sculptured product that recalled in every way the colours and brilliance of Apple plastics. The struggles of research, innumerable experiments and the unavoidable glitches did not weaken our trust and enthusiasm for the nascent project. Seeing the first mould and the first injection trials was a very strong emotion.

The study of new alloys made to faitmhfully imitate the feel, colour and brightness of yellow and white gold allow us to expand the range of aterials on offer to our clients in order to transform their photos into necklaces. Including in the catalogue the Silver Reflections and Gold Reflections collections was a true source of pride and another challenge won!

Stampo ciondoli
Esempi di realizzazioni JewelPiX

The production of the packaging was a fitting tribute to the history of photography and began with a ready-made of the unforgettable Kodak film boxes.

After having dealt with the challenge of materials and type of necklaces the greatest challenge was to identify ourselvesby searching for a print that would give the right answer to our claim that “A photo is forever”.

Over time many print techniques and just as many suppliers were tried and tested to reach the necessary quality to turn the clients’ photos into real jewels. After long research and many tests we decided to rely on UV technology which today is one of the best for the quality of the details, as well as chromatic and photographic rendering. We could finally say “A photo is forever!”


Bracciale JewelPiX Personalizzato
Packaging JewelPiX 2018


We have come a long way from those two glasses of Prosecco.

We grew and now have the honour of selling our JewelPix in every corner of the world from Australia to Southern California, passing through Singapore and at the same time expanding our group of collaborators and suppliers.

We were welcomed as an innovative start-up amongst the selected FTA (Fashion Tecnology Accellerator) companies and with them we set up LightnShape S.r.l., the owner of the JewelPix label.

A few months ago Massimiliano and Fabio have become part of the team as partners, they are two precious collaborators who conceived and produced the site you are now visiting and the configurator that allows to play with more than 5 million combinations.

This is JewelPix: a lot of passion, lots of research, a lot of care for details and above all tenacity in making our dreams and those of our clients come true.

Giapiero Riva Gianpiero: Happily married and father of two sporting princesses and a crafty boy with a Stratocaster and black belt in karate in the cupboard, He is an electronic engineer and iPhoneographer. CEO and Co-founder of lightNshape S.r.l. the company owner of JewelPix brand.
Michele Marzotto A Degree in the History of jewellery, trained in Jewellery Design at the Milan Polytechnic who is creative by vocation and winner of the 2000 Design Award. He is a husband and father of two hooligans, Kraw maga addicted and a photographer for passion. President and Co-founder of lightNshape S.r.l. the company owner of JewelPix brand.


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