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Are you tired of the same old impersonal bracelets, and you wish you could wear a jewel that really reflects your tastes?
You don't have to worry about this anymore, because JewelPiX offers you the possibility to live an unique experience and to let your imagination run wild, by creating an accessory perfectly aligned with your style. With a few easy steps you'll be able to wear a gorgeous bracelet customized with a photo of your choice, specifically created for you by Venetian artisans, which will let you stand out with elegance and originality as in the best made in Italy tradition.

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Personalized Bracelets

You'll just need to choose the photo or image you prefer, and thanks to the innovative UV rays printer, you'll be able to see it printed in high definition photo quality right on the Xtile. These photo bracelets are not only easy on the eyes, but they're easy to wear as well. All the materials used for their production are certified and the result of a careful selection, to ensure the maximum safety even for those with particular necessities.
JewelPix customized leather bracelets are the best solution to satisfy all your style needs, so don't let this unique opportunity to become your own jewel designer get away!

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The bracelet is made of fine eco leather, durable and elegant.


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